-The comments on the last post did not cause me to completely revise my opinion on volunteer background checks but quite a few of them enabled me to expand upon my assumptions - so thank you. The idea that a person might use a volunteer situation to assess children for future harm was one that had never occurred to me and I found it compelling. I like the opportunity to learn from other (generally better informed; I don't get out much)  viewpoints and I appreciate your willingness to indulge me.

-My almost brand-new Macbook started making a hideous high-pitched buzzing noise. I wrapped it in a blanket and drove it to the Apple store where one of the tech guys examined it. He had to take it into The Back where one presumes it is less disco noisy and when he returned he agreed that it was making a terrible sound. He said it was the fan and then he said that it's funny because Macs almost never have fan trouble.

Ha ha ha.

I left it with them and they said they would not be able to get it back to me for another four to six days. I am back to using my old computer which I had given to Patrick and I cannot decide if I am getting gout or if sitting on a small chair at a small desk is cutting off all the blood circulation to my extremities. Both, probably and this will be brief as a result.
-My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer this summer. On Monday they removed the (large aggressive) tumor and the pathology report should be available next week. My brother flew to Arizona to be there for the surgery (I had intended to join him but just as we were making plans Edward 's aspiration diagnosis spiraled into a hunger strike and I realized that I could not leave the babies - I just couldn't.) The oncologist told my brother that his chance of developing prostate cancer was now 1 in 3. He also said that vasectomies increase the risk for the disease, particularly when there is a family history. So among other things related to this situation, we have decided that Steve will not be getting a vasectomy after all.

Since that has been the plan forever I find myself at a complete loss. Could you tell me about Mirena again? And is there anything else out there other than the usual pharmacy stock that we should look into, bearing in mind that the concern is not so much a fourth child (we should be so lucky) as a twelfth miscarriage?

-Speaking of Steve, he started the process to increase his life insurance after Caroline and Edward were born. We dragged our feet so it took months and months to get the paperwork done and to have the doctor come out for his exam. It was only last week that our guy called to say that the premium he had quoted originally was about half of what they would be willing to offer now. He does not have access to the specifics but reading between the lines he told us that Steve's cholesterol came back in excess of 250. Yikes. Steve has been flirting with borderline numbers during his last two physicals but this number (if true) represents a tremendous leap upwards. When Steve's birthfather was here he mentioned that he has been on cholesterol medication for over twenty years. I suspect that recent inactivity due to his damaged knee and heredity and turning forty have conspired to hit Steve behind the ear with a sack of metaphoric waxy celled nickels. I think we eat a fairly healthy diet already but there is always room to improve things. I need to get some cookbooks or diet books or something but I don't even know where to begin. Any thoughts on heart-healthy eating will be vastly appreciated. I am rather fond of Steve.

-Finally (Edward just woke up) I was just looking through the photos on this computer to make sure I had moved everything I wanted to the Mac and I found these two pictures of Patrick's room that he must've taken. He kills me:

100_2754-1 100_2756-1