Patrick was in the bathtub tonight, narrating as he is wont to do. As he pushed a lego shark through the bubbles he intoned: "In the beginning there was nothing but vastness darkness... then! The Shark of the Universe! arose from the depths snapping up molecules" - Patrick scooped bubbles into the hinged plastic mouth - "before returning to the blackness." Down went the shark. "But! then! the Shark of the Universe opened his jaws and each baby shark bubble released into the void became... a planet. In this way the universe was born."

I applauded.

"So if there was nothing before where did the Shark of the Universe come from?" I asked.

"The Big Bang."

"And what was before that?"

"Mommy?" Patrick asked. "Could you bring 126 cardboard perfect squares to my bedroom? And a boxcutter? And some hydroclorisone acid" [note: I think he meant hydrochloric but got twisted with hydrocortisone - kids are so sweet when they get their corrosives all mixed up with corticosteroids.] As a change of subject it was hard to ignore but it's a pity he never answered me because I have always been curious about how the originators of creation mythology managed to get around the inevitable "and before that... ?"

Patrick started school yesterday and although (of course) we miss his ability to talk nonstop without ever answering a direct question it has been a pleasant two days. Absence, fondness, etc. Caroline and Edward have had a ridiculously busy week - developmentally speaking - and they are now officially eight months old, toothéd (Edward has two bottom teeth jutting through; Caroline is sporting one) and mobile. After two months of scrumming from place to place using her knees hands elbows and tummy Caroline popped up into a proper crawl one day in Colorado. That same afternoon Edward realized that he could tuck one leg under his bottom and voila he was sitting upright. The next day he leaned forward and started to crawl. Later Caroline pulled herself to her knees and by the time we arrived home she stood up in her crib. On the plus side they are adorable. On the minus side I found Caroline in the pantry after I got distracted by Edward crying when he cracked his melon trying to crawl under the couch (Caroline sneered - unfamiliarity with spatial restrictions is soooooo seven months.)

More pictures than you ever wanted, unless maybe you're my mother:

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Real post tomorrow. I swear.