Well, THAT Was Fun
Oh For The Love Of...


Here I was cursing the fact that we are being buried under 500 feet of snow IN THE MIDDLE OF MARCH and lo! my in-laws called from the airport to say that their flight has been delayed. Until tomorrow.


What a shame.

Guess Steve and I will just have to watch basketball and eat artichokes and compusively check our office pool standings instead of driving in a mini-blizzard to the airport tonight. You know, this might be the only Snow Day I ever get as a hauswife.

Go Georgia Tech. Shoot. Score. D-Fence.

I made all sorts of crazy promises about what I would cover in this post but I wasn't fully processing the fact that there is SO MUCH COLLEGE BASKETBALL on right now. So I gotta go. Do I love the NCAA March tournament more than you? Um, yes. I'm sorry you had to find out this way. So who do you have picked to win it all? And don't tell me you don't care. How can you not care?

Later: D&C, basement, Patrick, etc.