Curious Julia Goes To The Hospital

Oh For The Love Of...

This is going to sound superstitious, but I don't think that Georgia Tech and Kansas are going to be meeting in the finals. I have this eerie premonition that my bracket masterdom is over. Curses.

I am ambivalent, generally, on the subject of D&Cs. I don't think they are a medical evil. I don't think they are a medical necessity. I think it depends upon how far along your pregnancy was and how you are feeling about the miscarriage and what might be happening in the rest of your life at that moment. Usually I find out that the heartbeat has stopped and I go home to wait to miscarry. Then three or five or seven weeks go by and nothing happens. No bleeding, no cramping- nothing. At that point my doctor du jour gets nervous and suggests a D&C and I say okey-dokey and there we are.

This time my OB and I discussed the options: misoprostol, natural, or  D&C. I listened politely to her review of the former (a day of intense bleeding and cramping at home followed by self-collection of the products of conception OR they could admit me for a day of intense bleeding and cramping at the hospital; the caveat was that the drug does not always work so I might wind up with a D&C anyway.) I tried to keep an open mind but, just between us, OH MY GOD how awful does that sound? I guess there are advantages to avoiding surgery but bleh. No thanks.

Besides, the single-most important thing to me in this post-loss scenario is trying to get genetic testing done on the embryo and the best way to accomplish this is by having a physician gather the POC (products of conception- I was trying to avoid typing that twice but I realized it is not exactly a universal acronym.) So I said if it was all the same to her I would prefer a D&C and she said no problemo, thus they set me up for a dilation and currettage tomorrow morning. At 7:30. Which means I have to be there at 6 AM so I have to get up at, what, 5:30? Is there a point in even going to bed at all if you have to get up at 5:30? Personally, I think not, so as soon as I am done writing this I am going to put on my favorite D&C sweatpants and go wait in the car.

Oh. Right. The car. Fuck.

Steve and Patrick went to pick up his parents from the airport Saturday morning (see previous gloating post.) Ten minutes after they left I got a call from Steve on the cell phone. A snow plow hit them while he was stopped at a stop sign. The plow actually went backwards 50 yards down a 55 mph road and then turned, still in reverse, and backed into them. They are both fine, but the car was destroyed in the front. Our insurance company will let us know tomorrow if it is totaled or if they think it will cost them less to repair it.


1. Both of my NCAA finals teams are out of the tournament.

2. My one year old car was destroyed.

3. I have to get up in the middle of the night to have a D&C in order to do genetic testing on a pregnancy we spent almost twenty thousand dollars to achieve solely to make sure that I would not have to miscarry another genetically abnormal pregnancy.

You know what? I REALLY AND TRULY feel sorry for myself. And I hope your weekend was better than mine.