Curious Julia Goes To The Hospital
A Very Good Friday To You

Infection To Insult To Injury

OH MY GOD! Enough!

My ARM is infected. RIGHT THERE. About a quarter inch up from where they wedged the damned IV into my wrist. See the big reddish blotch? Note how warm the skin is there? Observe the menancing way it appears to be creeping up towards my shoulder?

Do you know what kind of infections you pick up in hospitals? Bad ones! The sort of infections that sneer at industrial-strength antibacterial soaps and trip gaily over pools of Lysol.

I might just have to rethink all of that D&C ambivalence I was so recently touting. You know, now that this last one is TRYING TO KILL ME.

I am going to go bathe in hydrogen peroxide and Neosporin. If I don't make it I want you to know that I died with bitterness in my heart and charity towards none.

PS I am actually a little alarmed by this development and am keeping a watchful eye upon the limb in question. Don't worry that I won't order a Medevac from the Mayo at the first sign of trouble, real or imagined. I was always the kid in the nurse's office saying, "My arm hurts when I twist it above my head like this. I think we should do an MRI." Come to think of it, my arm DOES hurt when I twist it above my head like this...